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Born in Le Mans (France), Alexis was inspired by his grandmother’s talent in the kitchen and grew up with a love of quality home-grown produce.

Nowadays Alexis’s inspiration comes from everywhere, whether he is eating out, travelling, reading cookbooks, or browsing produce at the market.

An ambitious cook, he enjoys the challenge of creating dishes which will leave a lasting impression.


Alexis Chauvreau




Alexis has worked at a prestigious establishments such as Goring Hotel Dining Room in London (United Kingdom), ran the catering department of the Airbus Group and also experienced the gastronomic restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris, France.

He has lived in Saint-Martin for the past 13 years where he has worked as Sous-Chef at Le Pressoir in Grand-Case and finally opened his own restaurant on the Island, La Petite Table, until hurricane Irma in 2017.





Alexis is dedicated to sharing his passion for good food, event catering, and private fine dining experiences.

From selecting the finest ingredients, to ensuring impeccable presentation, he maintains careful attention to detail at every step.